Re: Ralios Orlanthi

From: Joerg Baumgartner <>
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2001 22:13:23 +0000

Jonas Schiott
>> Hmm. We're talking about late Vingkotling Age, Greater Darkness 
>> and Gray Age, not exactly the period to be a successful sun 
>> worshipper.

> Right. Does this mean we're in agreement?

For that period, yes.

Ancestors of the Lanksti:

>> The Councilic settlers who replaced them and the Zebra hsunchen from >> northwestern Ralios?

> But that's were Arkat settled after the wars.

I thought he retired to Korioni lands.

>> She could have been a EWF entity, or a renegade God Learner as well.

> The EWF is of a slightly _later_ date than the fall of the
> Shadow Empire, isn't it?

Nope. It was founded in 578 or thereabouts, 150 years before Paslac's empire fell.

>> As a non-Orlanthi missionary she wouldn't make much sense, would she?

> No, but then I've been thinking some more about Aringor's LBQ.
> he must have travelled outside his home
> region to learn about it, and he would quite possibly have
> learned worship rites at the same time. The question is where
> he went? How far had knowledge of the LBQ spread in the early
> Second Age?

Hard to tell. After the Gbaji Wars, the trolls controlled the traffic routes, but then there were Heortlings (Vastolf son of Quivin) in charge in Dara Happa during Ordanestyu's reign. In Ralios it might have been spread with Arkat's followers crossing the Rockwoods. Although I wouldn't use this as advertisement in East Ralios... Maybe the fact that Talor was returned by Harmast's second quest helped.

> Strangely enough, this makes a stronger case for Narnarra
> being one of the Nysalorian missionaries, as her 'faulty'
> perception of Orlanth wouldn't matter as much. She could be
> a Riddler, that would fit in with our (Sten's, Dag's and mine)
> idea about one of the secrets of the East Wilds: there's an
> unusual amount of illumination going around, and it's not
> seen as chaos by the orlanthi, more akin to tricksterhood.

If great Urox doesn't show it's chaos, it can't be?

Anyway: how much chaos do the Delelans have to worry about?

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