Re: Orlanth Victorious

From: Jerome Blondel <>
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2001 23:49:47 -0000


Tuna Artun:
>I've recently found a map on the web that shows the lands of the
>Culbrean tribe in great detail. To the east, on the edges of Marthehiording
>territory there's a hill called "Hill of Orlanth the
>Victorious" (on Owlflight Crest) and it also bears a runic inscription--is
>this a temple? And if so, does it belong to the Culbreans or the Aranwyth?
>I'd appreciate if someone could enlighten
>me on this issue since my players will all belong to the Aranwyth tribe and
>I smell a scenerio hook here should the Lunars attempt to eradicate this
>supposed holy ground.

Do you? Really it's what happens and triggers the Starbrow rebellion in 1613! You'll find all the details on that event in 'Wyrms Footprints'. Likely your PCs will be powerful by then, and could very well play a major role.

The Hill is an Orlanth sacred site, and IIRC there's a spiralling pathway leading to its top (like an Air rune). I think the Culbrea use it for their rites.


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