hrelar amali

From: Jerome Blondel <>
Date: Sun, 01 Apr 2001 08:54:17 -0000


David Dunham:
>>Almost all the Hsunchen in the Ralios forest stopped to be Hsunchen at one
>>time or another. Is it related to the fall of Hrelar Amali? Was that place
>>a sort of focus for the Ancient Beasts' power?
>It was, but I'm not sure about cause and effect. I think the Great Tree at
>Hrelar Amali was devoured by trolls some time in the late Storm Age. But
>most of the hsunchen didn't drop totemic practices until after the Dawn.

Maybe Hrelar Amali is an independent focus of power and attracted the Great Tree, the Ancient Beasts and later the other gods who had temples there.

Peter Metcalfe:
>Hrelar Amali was sacked and ruined by the Seshnegi before the Broken
>Council yet the Hsunchen are still pretty much set in their own ways.

When the Seshnegi destroyed Hrelar Amali there were many different temples there, the ruins of which can still be visited in modern Ralios. I think the Dari Alliance weren't all Hsunchen.

They likely built the temples in Hrelar Amali. Because of the site's power in the area, massive conversions may have followed. Many Enerali converted to Ehilm or Orlanth because a few ones had built those temples. If they survived the great darkness keeping to their Hsunchen ways, they need a reason to convert once the darkness is finished. That's just an idea (if a bit odd maybe)

>Hrelar Amali lies in the lands of the Enerali (specifically the Utoni)
>who were worshipping Ehilm shortly after the Dawn. So I don't accept a
>connection between Hrelar Amali and the Ancient Beasts Society (who are
>strongest in Estali and Helby, which lie to the east).

I suppose the connection stopped to exist when the Ancient Beasts (i mean the beast great spirits) were ousted from the site.

Julian Lord on the secret pass and Basmoli:

It's me. It was unimportant.


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