Still Beast Form Orlanthi.

From: Julian Lord <>
Date: Sun, 01 Apr 2001 11:46:23 +0200

Peter 'n' Joerg :

> > Orlanth is not worshipped as a ram or an alynx anywhere
> > as yet. The Ram is associated with Heler or Voriof

There are probably quite a few Orlanthi who worship Heler or Yinkin indirectly, via Orlanth. I don't believe that Orlanth the Ram or Orlanth the Alynx are at all unlikely.

> The association of Orlanth with various beasts is present even in
> Heortling myth.

Also in Anaxial's Roster.

> Ok, so this is Voriof as the Ram (who seems to be absent as a keyword in
> both Thunder Rebels and Storm Tribe),

He's in Storm Tribe.

> but still Orlanth as father of the
> Ram.

Orlanth is only *a* father of the Ram... NOT *the* ... ;-)

> : Although Orlanth is now the Lord of Beasts, Orolmarn is his name as
> : the herdsman for all of these animals, not just his own sheep.
> While Peter probably will deny this, this reinforces my impression that
> the Vingkotlings saw themselves as the Ram Orlanthi.

Some of them yes, but generally speaking you're basically wrong. Once more, there's really not much point discussing these animal Orlanthi until ST is released.

Julian Lord

End of The Glorantha Digest V8 #340

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