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From: Jonas Schiott <>
Date: Sun, 01 Apr 2001 14:18:06 +0200


> Ancestors of the Lanksti:

> I thought he retired to Korioni lands.

Could be. I can't recall reading anything more specific than "northern Ralios". Do you have a source that's more exact?

>> The EWF is of a slightly _later_ date than the fall of the
>> Shadow Empire, isn't it?

> Nope. It was founded in 578 or thereabouts, 150 years before Paslac's
> empire fell.

OK, that leaves that option open as well.

Recovering the Orlanth cult:
> In Ralios it might have been
> spread with Arkat's followers crossing the Rockwoods. Although I
> wouldn't use this as advertisement in East Ralios...

Well, it could have been Orlanthi visitors from other regions. If adoption of the cult was somewhat unplanned and patchwork, we have a good excuse for any fun local variations we might want to dream up...

> Maybe the fact that
> Talor was returned by Harmast's second quest helped.

How? Talor was a Malkioni, wasn't he? In the sense that he wasn't Arkat it was of course an improvement, but it still seems to me that Aringor would have had to do some pretty fast talking to drum up support for his LBQ. Many East Wilders would initially be very sceptical of it.

> Anyway: how much chaos do the Delelans have to worry about?

There's hints about some in Karia. But otherwise, not a whole lot. Which leads me to believe that Urox is a very minor cult there. Bovine associations to Bemuri roots notwithstanding. You don't worship a god whose magic is no use to you just out of nostalgia...

Jonas Schiött

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