Re: The Glorantha Digest V8 #340

From: Graeme P. Bell <>
Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2001 00:17:43 +0100

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>No. Simply because Orlanth is human.


> --Peter Metcalfe

Errr... no. Orlanth is *not* human. Orlanth is the child of Primal Air and a *very large* mountain (Umath & Kero Fin). Unless there been some huge Gregging, calling Orlanth "human" is simply not correct. In bastardised (sorry, but it's the right term) genetics it's rubbish and in mythological terms... does Orlanth hold a Man Rune? Storm, some wrinkles due to subcults, but it is Orlanth's *behaviour* that is highly regarded. All air breathers are welcome, and that isn't an Orlanthi all, that's an "if you ain't chaotic" all and an "if your illuminated call for time-out". Shame that most folks aren't takers. Or maybe not. Orlanth's half brother is an Alynx, his -alleged- full brothers are Urox (take your pick, but not human),

The one thing that is utterly clear to me, is that no-one/no-thing has a good handle on any Great God. You find out their secret and it's bye-bye.

I would say that Orlanth's worshippers have framed him (which is a definite *him*, even in enemy pantheons) as a human form, but Orlanth, the Great God (current holder of storm, but not the originator), is no more human than Yelm (surrogate Dayzatar, because pure sky wasn't willing to dirty itself with non-sky) or any other pre-time manipulator of Runes/Primal Forces. Avoid post-time deities, they are all screwy.

Unless you agree with Zzabur and all these gods are *just* powerful sorcerors, corrupting Glorantha for personal gain - and to wherever (Hell's taken, trolls and Lunar Hells) with the rest of the sensible, logical people (Kingdom thereof).

Y'know, KoDP makes a lot of sense if you look at Argrath's final reaction to the gods, from that point of view. Argrath/Arkat... Brithini, wasn't Arkat...

Enjoy. YGMustV


End of The Glorantha Digest V8 #342

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