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Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2001 03:09:22 EDT

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<< The great thing about Glorantha is its ability to make even ridiculous  things (e.g. Ducks) work in a fairly serious setting. >>

I agree that one great thing is this ability to include the seemingly ridiculous. This implies the need for silliness in order to include it. Glorantha would not be great if it managed to include a load of mundanity. Give me Ducks, Grotatarons, those things with four noses, Twizzers, Garboas, Bisonburgers, the Losers band of broo, a god of chefs called Pai Rao, a capital city called Chi Ting, Were-stegosaurus, an ogre merchant with bright red skin, Walktapus recipes, Boggles, pygmies riding Impala, Sartar a chance against the Lunar Empire, give me all these things and make them seem to exist normally within the world.

Thanks, you already have.

Keith Nellist

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