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Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2001 14:27:43 +0200 (CEST)

Tuna Artun:

> In any case, several people have pointed out to the
> fact that Elmal is the chief god worshipped by the
> Aranwyth. So for the past few days I've been
> searching the web for information on that particular
> deity. So far, I did manage to locate two cult
> write-ups for Elmal that were great for a starter.

Personally, I do not believe that Elmal is the chief god among the Aranwyth, though I might be wrong. I *do* believe, however, that he is their main wargod, worshipped by 3-4% of the adult population (mostly men).

You can find the official cult writeup at This is written for Hero Wars, not RQ, but it shouldn't be too difficult adapting to RQ. A modest example made up at the spur of the moment:

Requirements: standard. Skills -- Ride, Javelin Attack, Spear Attack, Shield Parry, Scan Spirit Magic: Bladesharp, Detect Enemies, Endurance, Heal, Light, Protection, Vigor

Requirements: as per priest.

Requirements: standard.
Common Divine Magic: all
Special Divine Magic: Shield, Catseye, Sunbright, Command Horse (1pt, ranged, temporal, stackable, reusable; each stacking allows for doubling no of targets)

Orlanth: provides Lightning

> What I'm currently clueless about is
> how the cult of Elmal operates within
> the broader Orlanthi faith? I mean,
> alright, the Aranwyth -are- Elmali, but why?

Elmal is known as Horsefriend, and the Aranwyth are dependent upon horses.

> I'd also appreciate if someone could
> enlighten me about what the relationship
> between Elmali and the Yelmalio-
> worshippers are?

"Orlanth pointed out that, once again, the brothers of Elmal were trying to make his light their own. Elmal inspired his true worshippers, who instructed one of their number who had gone wrong where to find what he

                   wanted. Thus it was that Monrogh,
who thought he worshipped Elmal, discovered that he instead worshipped Yelmalio, and so went away and ended the conflict in the land."

See also:

/Peter Nordstrand

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