Re: Outer Atomic Exploration; Elmal

From: David Dunham <>
Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2001 08:32:13 -0700

Carl Fink

> I mean, a while back someone (MOB?) posted that Shargash was in some
> sense also Orlanth -- but Shargash is a deathgod who lives in the
> Underworld, right? He's more like Humakt than Orlanth. Then again,
> another theory bruited about here has been that originally Humakt
> *was* Orlanth before Arkat artificially split the single religion in
> two, but how could he do that if Orlanth "is" anything fixed?

These may be theories, but the more stuff on Shargash I've seen come from Greg, the less like Orlanth he looks.

And I believe Greg has said that Humakt existed before Arkat. (I suppose it's possible that Humakt used to be considered an Orlanth subcult, though I doubt this was at all common, and if it were so, there still would have been stand-alone worship).

Nick Brooke

> > For the past few days I've been searching the web for information on
> > [Elmal]. So far, I did manage to locate two cult write-ups for Elmal
> > that were great for a starter.
> The best one is probably the draft official cult writeup on the Issaries
> site, at:

Bear in mind that this *has* been changed somewhat in the upcoming Storm Tribe. Please do not consider it official.

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