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Peter Larsen
>>What strikes me is that Uleria is the power of Free Love. I get the
>>impression that in Ernalda and Orlanth's views, Love is just the tool to
>>achieve harmony and fertility. They teach magic so that Love
>>be used properly for that purpose, but if your husband/wife ain't a good
>>match for you, you better give up.
>I don't buy this. Love for his family is something that rises up out of
>Orlanth, not something done to him.

Vela the Matchmaker does it in a way that Ulerians wouldn't approve at all. But i agree that Orlanth and Ernalda's love is the real thing.

>>Ernalda and Orlanth have to unite each other so as to get to that
>>achievement. Uleria can argue that she's the power between both. She's
>In a Godlearnerish way.

Just in an Ulerian way. If Uleria's cult claims to originate in the ancient Celestial Court, probably the goddess transcends limits between pantheons, and her devotees will see her power in any of its manifestations.

>I don't think the Orlanthi believe this. "No one can make you do anything."
>"Love" that is diected by some sort of outward force would be unattractive
>to many Orlanthi.

Well, i suppose it would, as much as Motion directed by an outward force would. But Ulerians probably don't believe that their goddess directs anything, she is Love. Those Celestial Court deities are very primal things, not very complicated neither subtle indeed. They just are. (Not that the Orlanthi believe this)

Maybe their worshippers don't try to direct their power, but to be vehicles for that power. Just move a lot and help motion if you're a Larnsti, the power of Motion will act through yourself, maybe accelerating mythico-natural processes in your presence, or boosting your other magics. - -"Oops, i changed you into a dog. Well, i didn't mean it really, i'm sorry. Also, you didn't have to threaten me like that. You'll be happier now. The world will work better now that you're a dog. Want a sugar?" - - "Woof"

>>sort of wind you need if you don't sacrifice regularly? In other
>>societies, husbands and wifes will make offerings to Uleria so that they
>>get the sort of sex they need more often,
>>and be happier. It works very well in Zoria.

>In other societies, fine. After all, Larnste, being the source of Motion
>and Change (major Storm Tribe qualities) is worshipped (or,as far as I
>know, even recognized) by only a very small group of Orlanthi.

In Glorantha, Uleria's cult is widespread in comparison to Larnste's cult. She gets a lot of worship in Peloria. Probably people fear Change more than Love. On the other hand Orlanthi fear Uleria's Love power because it disrupts the world as Orlanth and Ernalda organized it for them. Respectable Second Age Jrusteli scholars would say when the different pantheons of young gods reorganized the world for people, they didn't want to take the old gods into account. Also, it's Orlanth who disrupted Yelm and the Celestial Court's beautiful order. In Peloria, Uleria is very respectable. In Dragon Pass, she's old rubbish you better not flirt with. It's not wintersurvivalwise.

>Where's Zoria?

In Fronela, not far for the Glacier. Something like the "best place to keep oneself warm", excuse my english. It's there that the Uleria cult is stronger, though other cities called Zoria are rumored to exist (maybe on the Godplane).

>>Woman may enjoy Lunar equality if they become Lunar citizens and adopt the
>>religion. Outside the Lunar religion it can't work because that's not in
>>their myths. IMO.

>Hmm. I can see it: a daring escape from the women's quarters to the nearest
>Lunar temple, a midnight conversion, and then the political trouble

I suppose there is little prospects for the future in such an escape, apart from becoming the mistress of a drunk demagogue. Could be a funny scenario for a Dara Happan party of house servants (not that it be very heroic, except maybe if the demagogue is also an illuminated chaos-worshipper and Uleria initiate using her powers to pick up beautiful women and perform body art for underground arty exhibitions in lofts :).

>>Yelm and the Red Goddess have mythological reasons to cast down the rebel.

>Yelm does; I think the Goddess was a rebel Herself, back in the day.

I haven't read the book, but she was probably in Her right. The guy who killed her must have been very evil. Has he been Included now?


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