The Apple in the Heart of the Worm

From: Michael Cule <>
Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2001 23:01:33 +0100

>See, the KoW expands like ringworm, killing everything
>it contains. But it couldn't get to that one bit: an Eden-
>like "Happy Valley" somewhere near its heart. And when
>your PCs get there, they have to live with the knowledge
>that *they* opened it up to the outside world; *they*
>are to blame if the forces of War make desolate and
>destroy this unspoiled land at its heart; *they* could
>have killed the last, best hope for Glorantha's future.
>That's how it "defeats the KoW", BTW -- by surviving,
>and living, and growing, even at its heart.

Actually, I think the situation is slightly worse than that.

The existence of that seed says to anyone who thinks about it: The universe has got fed up with its current state and has created the KoW to wipe out everything and everyone. Then when the job is finished and the KoW has wiped itself out, the universe is going to start again with something better.

What discovering this says is: You and your world is the past. And the past is over.
- --
Michael Cule

End of The Glorantha Digest V8 #347

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