Re: The Glorantha Digest V8 #346

From: Ian Thomson <>
Date: Wed, 04 Apr 2001 11:23:34 +1000

>>I would buy Uleria as the adviser to who Orlanth and Ernalda turns
they have relationship problem in the same way than Issaries deals with
trade, Lankhor My with knowledge and so on.<<

sounds reasonable to me

regarding throwing her out of Sartar altogether, that seems most odd

we need to find out all official (or commonly accepted) references, of which there are likely few, invent a minor cultural role that covers the time period of these references, and stick her in as an anomally if that is the common concensus

I too am somewhat annoyed with the easy option of erasing previous lore and breaking the reality that loyal fans have been using for many years

Yes, its much better to say "common perceptions were..., but reality actually is..." rather than "no it was all lies and your Glorantha is suddenly -wrong-"

what's wrong with having Uleria as an ecstatic ancient weird goddess with a minor role in heortling myths and culture as a relatively recent import from someplace where her relic worship has maintained a decent foothold since the fall of the EWF (possibly Esrolia)

And her worship may exist comparatively more widely and openly in parts of the Lunar Empire

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