Questions arising from the Ralian debate

From: Lemens, Chris <>
Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2001 15:35:42 -0400

I don't remember where I got this notion, but I thought I read something official, a long time ago that said Hrelar Amali was where Flamal lived (or maybe where he died, but since he's a tree, I'd think they would be the same). Isn't this in G:CotHW? Maybe I'm thinking of just a reference to _a_ (as opposed to _the_) Great Tree.

Also, isn't the pass through the Mislari mountains through the Wonderwood? After all, the Arstola elves don't want any nasty humans using it for trading between Ralios and Wenelia, because they have seen how settlements inevitably spring up along trade routes (e.g. the Trader Princes). So, they set up the Wonderwood over a long period of time to have lots of magical guardians and a fearful reputation. No one is terribly surprised if you go in and don't come back.

Is there a "Hidden King" quest that lets an Orlanthi shapeshift?

Chris Lemens

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