Re: The Glorantha Digest V8 #350

From: Jerome Blondel <>
Date: Sat, 07 Apr 2001 01:27:42 -0000


Chris Lemens:
>I don't remember where I got this notion, but I thought I read something
>official, a long time ago that said Hrelar Amali was where Flamal lived (or
>maybe where he died, but since he's a tree, I'd think they would be the
>same). Isn't this in G:CotHW?

I just looked, but no... Isn't it in the Broken Council Guidebook? It seems many people agree that there was a great tree there, and the trolls ate it. It very much looks like 'Zorak Zoran kills Flamal'.

>Also, isn't the pass through the Mislari mountains through the Wonderwood?

Good idea. But it's probably not open all the time. Surely it's one of those vanishing places.

Peter Mcaveney

>P.S. I remember reading somewhere that Aroka = Oslir, but can't find
>it. Is that true or should I have my medication adjusted?

I think it's in Thunder Rebels (someone must have the page numbers at hand...)


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