RE: Very Good Question

From: James Frusetta <>
Date: Sun, 08 Apr 2001 00:16:26 +0100

Oliver Bernuetz wrote:

>Here's a good question. How the heck do the Heortlings manage to avoid
>extinction if all (85%) of their men go flying off to mountain tops each and
>every holy day that is important to Orlanth? Are their neighbours idiots?
Holy days might provide the possibility to presumably augment their magical abilities enough that it provides them the chance at all kinds of whiz whoop-ass magical rituals and such (I don't know if this is a canonical reading, though). So the invading Neighbor Army would be attacking at the *worst* time of year, when Orlanthi magics might be at their peak and the menfolk gathered together, ready for a quick retalitory strike.

Raiding, on the other hand, might actually be a pretty good idea -- if all the Orlanthi are gone, it's a great time for the neighbors / non-Orlanthi in your clan to try and raid the cattle.

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