Re: The Glorantha Digest V8 #351

From: Coridan <>
Date: Sun, 8 Apr 2001 02:41:44 -0700

> Here's a good question. How the heck do the Heortlings manage to avoid
> extinction if all (85%) of their men go flying off to mountain tops each
> every holy day that is important to Orlanth? Are their neighbours idiots?
> Or is there a better explanation?
> Thanks,
> Oliver D. Bernuetz

Real easy.

Only on the High Holy days (like Windsday/Mobility Week/Storm Season) and during Sacred Time do their *souls* actually go flying to Kero Fin. Their bodies are actually in the temple/sacred hill, and are invulnerable to attack, as per Thunder Rebels, since the worshippers are simultaneously in the God World and the Inner World. Since the worshippers are present *with Orlanth*, in Orlanth's hall (Karulinoran), if you want to hurt them, you'll have to deal with HIM. While disruption of worship is not impossible, I'd think that you'd need some damn heavy magic and gods on your side to breach the defenses of a clan holy site on a high holy day. Also, I do believe there are ritual guards for these functions. All of the community worships (even the women, who are Lay, er, pardon me, Communal), and thus they all have the protection of the god(s) being worshipped. It seems it would be easier to deal with a clan of Heortlings under normal circumstances than face both them and their pissed off god during holy days.

Chris Bell
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