From: Peter Metcalfe <>
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2001 19:09:07 +1200

Marko Perala:

> A thought about illumination and chaos came to my mind. I started to
>think about chaos and realised that most forms of chaos are corrupted from
>existing species. Humans => ogres, beastmen of sorts => broos, octopus =>
>walktapi, elementals => gorp etc. I believe same thing applies to
>illumination as well, since Nysalor was born from the remains of Rashoran.

But was Rashoran Chaotic? His worshippers in the Lunar Empire aren't.

>Here comes the question: Is there a non-chaotic form of illumination?

Illumination is not chaotic. One can be an illuminate without having anything to do with Chaos. If you expand illumination to include mystics, then most illuminates are not chaotics.

>Would e.g. a Ginna Jar initiate be illuminated in the Nysalor's or
>Rashoran's way?

Ginna Jar manifests in Orlanthi society as the wyters. Hence she is not illuminated.

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