From: Peter Metcalfe <>
Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2001 09:59:08 +1200

Chris Lemens:

>In Missing Lands, the
>Pamaltelan creation myth is in near the end. It says Pamalt created a
>buncha folks before getting it right. Two of them were the pel-mre and the
>jel-mre. (I think I got the names right.) One of the two now lived in the
>mountains near the Errinoru Jungle. The other was "driven into the west" or
>something like that. Would Pamaltelans have recognized lascerdans as the
>other *-mre? Did lascerdans themselves believe that they came from the

I thought the Pel-mre were slarges or at least ancestral to them. Far to the west is more appropriate to the plains of Wongarissi than to where the Lascerdans lived (over the mountains to the northwest). In the few data that we have on the Slarges is:

         The humans of Tarien, to the east, know and fear these reptilian
         creatures and remember ancient, desperate wars fought by their
         ancestors against monster armies.


         They are very hostile to humans, no doubt based on their own
         memories of ancient wars.
                         Elder Secrets Book p8

The reason for the Slarge hostility to the Doraddi might be that they remember their expulsion from eden at the hands of the upstart Agimori and are seeking revenge.

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