Re: Rashoran illumination

From: Peter Nordstrand <>
Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2001 02:12:31 +0200 (CEST)

Marko Perälä:

> Here comes the question: Is there
> a non-chaotic form of illumination?

I strongly doubt that illumination is chaotic per se, but I agree that moral corruption is a common outcome of illumination, since this kind of mystical enlightenment usually has a devastating effect on the unprepared mind. See Hero Wars p 221.

> If it exists, how does is it
> different from normal illumination.

I believe that it is called mysticism, and is described in the Hero Wars rules book.

> I know Rashoran wanted
> balance between non-chaotic
> gods and nations.

Do you really know that?

> Nysalor changed it to balance
> between chaotics and non-
> chaotics.

He did?

> If things are so, then what
> about Arkat? He is said to be
> an illuminate, but his hatred
> to Gbaji would be rational if
> he was a Rashoran illuminate
> trying to eliminate chaotic
> heretics.

It would?

I am sorry, but I don't get it. You are talking about a lot of different persons and entities here, lumping them all together, and drawing what I feel is not very well founded conclusions (not that what I write myself is always so well thought out, as readers of this and other lists may have noticed) . But I must say that I find your reasoning rather hard to comprehend.

> Also it is interesting to think
> about Arachne Solara's angle to
> this. After all she is presently the
> goddess of balance.

Perhaps. Or perhaps she is just the mother of time, or the goddess of nature, or all or none of the above. Perhaps she is the same entity as the goddess Glorantha. Or perhaps she is something entirely different. (The wyter of the universe? ... Or not?) Anyway, she is integral in saving the universe from destruction at the hands of Chaos, and I have a really hard time beliveing that she would in any way be a representative of anything but the forces of Cosmos.

> Would e.g. a Ginna Jar initiate
> be illuminated in the Nysalor's
> or Rashoran's way?
> Comments, ideas, Explanations?

I'm afraid that I have never heard about such a thing as a Ginna Jar initiate. Personally I don't think she is worshipped as a deity at all. At least not directly. If you believe that she is somehow the same being as Arachne Solara, it would be interesting to hear the reasons for that. No, I am not bantering. Such evidence would be an unexpected and surprising revelation. At least for me.

Finally, let me say that I belive that the secrets of illumination (as is the secrets of the godlearners, and a bunch of other gloranthan secrets) is very much a dead end, and something that we will never really know. If we knew what they were, they wouldn't be secrets anymore, would they? ;-)

/Peter Nordstrand

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