Predark and Insane Orlanthi

Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2001 11:25:36 -0500 (CDT)

Julian Lord says:

> Will the Second Son stuff be published somewhere one day ?

Jane Williams has an initiation on her web page that uses the Second Son/IFWW myths.
> if you were an Orlanthi,
> you would literally need to be *insane* to consider such ideas as a
> valid mythic
> basis for heroquesting in the gods' world or any kind of religious
> ceremony or
> any other conceivable purpose in Orlanthi society... Were you to attempt
> any of
> these, you could not continue to be an Orlanthi, practically by
> definition.

I'm with you here. Think of the Heortlings (and pretty much all Orlanthi since the EWF) as extreme right wing American Christians and this discussion of the Predark and Chaos as subtle doctrinal differences between Marxist Muslims in Indonesia. Even conceiving of a distinction, much less a subtle distinction based on someone else's logic, is unlikely.  

> Anything else about a non-chaotic "Predark" is just evil Lunar
> propaganda/transcendant Lunar Truth and/or God Learner lies and/or
> extremely
> dubious Glorantha Digest speculation.

Frankly, I can't imagine that it's even Lunar propaganda. Who would talk about it? Those who know in the Empire, wisely keep silent, not out of fear of Orlanthi bad press, but out of fear that the chaos advocates, already too vocal, would just get more ammunition. (Or, alternatively, once one has progressed in Inclusion enough to understand the distinction between the Predark and Chaos, one has better things to do*).

> The non-Chaotic Predark that you suggest is actually the Realm of raw,
> transcendant, and immaterial Possibility

I agree about the mystics, but disagree about the Possibility. The Predark is Nothing to the Celestial Court's Something -- the annihilation of self, time, the world at the heart of mystic practice. It's not even a struggle, really; the mystics want to escape the World of the Cosmos back to the pure pre-conscious bliss of the Predark. In, of course, my theory.

Peter Larsen

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