Many Mistakes

Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2001 07:02:54 +0900

I made many mistakes in Last Posting.....(Sigh)
>David Dunham:
>Heroes of Glorantha
>These are perfectly selected from my personal preference and bent to
>Esoteric Topic.

>Arinsor Clearmind:
>First Sun Dome Temple Founder, I remember Praxian Sun County is induced
>during the Arrowsmith Dynasty of Pavis, Joras Kyrem, Valsanis
>was Mercenary Captain Invited from EWF-nized Peloria, I know Arinsor in KOS
>was Recent Personality who refounded Yelmalio from Local Elmal Cult during
>Tarkalor of Sartar reign, but More Older Version Glorantha (Sun County)
>mentioned Arinsor as if an Ancient Hero Founder of All "Yelmalio" Cult...He
>is a victim of Gregging..

I have mistaken him with Monrogh, and Valsanis is Name of Mercenary Captain who helped Dorasar founding New Pavis. I forget Name of First Sun County Lord. (Sigh) Now just I don't carry Sun County with me...

>Hrothmir: Headtaker of Tien
>Another Victim of Changing Glorantha, if my memory is correct, he the Son
>Storm Bull cut Great Chaos God's Head at the Doorway to Hell, IIRC in
>Shadows on the Borderland of RQ 3rd, but later Book of Drastic Resolution:
>Chaos changed this Status because it divided perfectly Kralorelan Atyar
>and Headhunter of Barbarian Belt, it explained Technic of Imperial 2nd Age
>combining these two different Chaotic Cult into One Thanator Cult. So
>Hrothmir was erased. I think Many Heros of Older Version Glorantha were
>deleted or waning-influenced for Change.
Another Misspelling. Horthmir? Holsmir? (Misspelling?)

>Parzar Impaler:
>IMO, this personality wasn't so important in Genertela BoxSet of Avalonhill
>until Peter Metcalph (and Others?) put the Ruler of Modern Ramalia as Role
>of Surviver of GL Empire, we know Dracula Vlad Tepes wasn't Vampire, but
>this Glorantha Dracula wasn't Local Hero of Wallachia and tapped Energies
>from Poors and Weakens. He is Counterpart of Delecti in EWF for this
>Survival Method and Amorality.

Another Misspelling...King Paruzal (GITHW p.151)

>Joras Kyrem:
>Ian Thomson gifted me about his information, but IMHO, Ian omit he was
>Introducer of Sun Dome Templers to Prax, in Early Age, they have many
>Cavalries and Charioteers before Fall of EWF. Because they were Ally of EWF
>and Arrowsmith Dynasty. But Modern Sun County lost these Memories.

I don't have Pavis and Big Rubble....Maybe I should not comment about this Topic...

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