Second Son

From: Peter Metcalfe <>
Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2001 13:38:53 +1200

Julian Lord:

>Who is the Second Son, what did he do, and why is he central to Heortling
>magical practices (as opposed to those of other Orlanthi, including in HW
>terms) ? (big question, sorry about that)

The Second Son is Hengall Vingkotsson, so called because he was the Second Son of Vingkot. "When he was born, the Third Mother gave him a star for a heart" (KoS p90). Unlike the other sons and daughters of Vingkot, Hengall never founded a tribe as he had been poisoned with a drink that caused him to grow huge. So he ran off in despair to face the Predark alone and was not heard from anybody for six generations.

But because he had the Star Heart, the Predark didn't destroy him. Jeff Richard gave out the secret of the Star Heart on the digest some time ago (and the following text was grabbed from Graham's handy searchable archives)

         The Second Son was not killed by Chaos and what he teaches
         those that he initiates is more than bravery or whatever. The
         Second Son told Kerad that HE, Kerad, is ultimately responsible
         for the world and ultimately the only one that can save it. Not
         the gods, not even Orlanth, not the clan chieftain or the 
greatest      warrior. Just you. To do this, you have to follow the "star"
         within yourself - the Star Heart, the very last light in the

         This is the very essence of Orlanthi "change" - the individual is
         responsible and empowered to "change" the world.

When Heort was alone, he found the Second Son and learned the secrets of the Star Heart. He went further into the "evil of this world" and fought it. He returned safely with the secrets of the I Fought We Won.

Not too sure of the take that other Orlanthi might have on this.

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