Re: Elamle; "Overlapping" Heroes

From: Jerome Blondel <>
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2001 20:52:02 -0000


Sometimes ago i asked about the changes suggested in Elamle-ata's story by the legend from Maslo which is on (Elamle-ata previously came to the elf-shore in 1 ST)

Peter Metcalfe:
>My understanding is that Elamle-ata's date has changed. Rather than
>being in 1 ST, she leads a migration in the Demon Period which is
>destroyed save for her. Elamle-ata then dwells among the Elves,
>who believe her to be the last of her kind.
>Then the second migration led by Miirdek lands at the Peninsula.
>Elamle-ata goes among them and makes peace. The Pennisula is
>known as Miirdek until the Elf Emperor orders it changed to

It mends the story well, but actually in the previous version Elamle-ata overlapped Godtime and History. I'm not sure about the difference that it makes. Maybe it would be less funny, in which case maybe it's possible both Migrations struggled against the currents long enough so that Time had the time to start (having lots of adventures).

Now i've been wondering: what does it change for a hero either

  1. to be born and dead during Godtime (e.g. Heort i suppose)
  2. to be born in Godtime and dead during Time (Aram-ya-Udram seems to be one of those)
  3. to be born and dead during Time (many examples and many more to come)

After all, Heroquesting was not the same before and after Dawn (i could say the Cosmos was not the same but ...) I suppose that heroes dead during Godtime had to take part in the Compromise, but then i suppose that heroes who apotheosize during Time must do so as well... And the Ralzakarks who are worshiped alive are another problem but fortunately they're much rarer.


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