IFWW, Unity Battle

From: Greg Stafford <greg_at_glorantha.com>
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2001 02:25:47 -0700

At 11:45 04/18/2001 -0700, "Lemens, Chris" wrote:
>I am going to try putting a spin on this. It seems to me that IFWW cannot
>be "strictly Heortling" though it could be "strictly Dragon Pass Peoples".
You are absolutely correct.
I overstated my case, for indeed I meant that "among humans, only the Heortlings experienced IFWW."

>I think I know that, after the dawn, the Heortlings, Uz, and Aldryami banded
>together in Dragon Pass because of a shared, fundamentally defining
>experience at the end of the darkness. There are a couple names for this
>that I thought I knew were the same: IFWW and the Unity Battle. If this is
>not true, what was it that brought ancient enemies together?
IFWW is actually the magical act that key members of these various races experienced at the end of the world.
Unity Battle was later, after the secret had been taught to many individuals. A chaos army threatened, and all the residents of Dragon Pass pulled together to defeat them at the Unity Battle.

>If it is true, it seems to me to be less than 100% true that the IFWW is a
>"God Learner artifact". It seems like it would have started existence as a
>Unity Council artifact. The God Learners certainly found it later and
>exploited it ruthlessly. So maybe it is like 80% true that it is a God
>Learner artifact.

I will leave the percentages up to you. :)

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