From: Julian Lord <>
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 22:46:32 +0200

Peter :

> Marko >The whole point in illumination is to see law and chaos as two parts
> >of the whole like in Cults of terror. This is what Nysalor/Gbaji taught.
> This is not the "whole point" of illumination and illumination
> itself is only an incomplete understanding of the Cosmos, being
> a surviving fragment of what Nysalor taught. What Illumination
> teaches is that the knowledge that what everybody says or believes
> is wrong. Because most people say that Chaos is evil, this is
> known by the illuminate to be wrong.

I do not agree with this negative presentation of illumination.

Illumination does have a negative aspect certainly, given that it is not mysticism.

But illumination *certainly* doesn't teach that "what everybody says or believes is wrong", because this is what everyone already knows in the first place.

The idea that "what everybody says or believes is wrong" is simply an expression of the Dark Side of illumination, minus the idea that one is transcendentally right where everyone else is wrong.

Not to suggest that Marko is correct. He isn't.

Illumination is a form of limited transcendance where previously distinct categories are perceived (contrary to other members of one's society) to be expressions of a larger transcendental concept that is unexplainable using the ordinary logic, words, rituals, or language of the society.

The concept of "truth" isn't destroyed by illumination.

Julian Lord

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