From: David Cake <>
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2001 12:04:43 +0800

At 11:45 AM -0700 4/17/01, Graham wrote:
>While Nils puts his point well, and I can think of similarly good
>arguments for the reverse viewpoint, this is not the forum for such
>Please take it elsewhere.
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>Graham Robinson The Stableyard - Internet Solutions

        So, where exactly SHOULD questions like this be discussed? Should someone have to set up a special 'glorantha-community' list to discuss questions that concern us as a community? Like it or not, the Digest is the heart of the Glorantha community.

        I've been on the Digest or its predecessors for more than a decade, and most attempts to suppress discussion along these lines have been a mistake. All they have managed to do is to stir up resentment.



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