From: Richard, Jeff <Jeff.Richard_at_METROKC.GOV>
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2001 11:39:22 -0700

Hi -
>I think Greg said earlier that the Ralians do
>not have the story of the second son. Do Tarshites,
>Bilini, Talastari, etc.? Ditali and Solanthi? I read
>recently (in KoS?) that Heort bound together remnants
>of the summer, winter, and (I think) star tribe
>descendants of Vingkot. I would assume from this that
>at least some of the Orlanthi in southern Peloria know
>the secret of IFWW.

The Tarshites, Holayans and Aggar are all descended from the Vingkotlings and Heortlings (although they are now largely Alakoringite). As a result, they have the story of the Second Son and of IFWW.

The Talastari (including the Bilini) are not descended from the Vingkotlings or the Heortlings. They have their own survival of the darkness story involving (at least) Hagodereth the Storm Ram (Orlanth Thunderous) and Hethena the Golden Ewe (Ernalda-Esra). They might have more survival stories as well.

The Ralians are also not Vingkotlings or Heortlings. As a result they have their own survival in the darkness stories. I don't know what form these might take.


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