Do not play this quest backwards.

From: Michael Cule <>
Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2001 00:08:16 +0100

> Wow. Heroquesting backwards sounds like an outrageously bad idea to
>me. If it was even possible, I would imagine that it would result in a
>proliferation of whatever problem the quest had addressed.

What he said! Remember, a HeroQuest is not just a way of navigating the peculiar geometry of the Other Side. It is also a way of altering the Other Side and through it the Mundane World.

> One device that I use to think about heroquesting is to compare it to RW
>activities that parallel it, especially Church Rituals.

And performing the Mass backwards is an element of the Black Mass. A reversed quest might be a blasphemous parody of the intended effect. Or it might have the effect of unpicking the bit of the cosmic tapestry the Quest reinforces.

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