Re: Illumination

From: Nils Weinander <>
Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2001 23:27:13 +0200

Peter M:
> > Illuminates do not have a realization that they are transcendentally
> > right. If they did, they wouldn't be illuminates any more.

> I fail to understand this particular gnomic comment.

Pretty simple, I think. If you understand that you are transcendentally right you are a liberated mystic, which illuminates are not.

> There are several different kinds of transcendance. I mean middling levels of
> transcendance, above the normal transcendance of ordinary consensus and
> communication, but far below the level of the huge entities or mystic voids that
> you mention.

That is _very_ debatable. I certainly don't think it is meaningful to speak of degrees of transcendence.

> If orthodox mysticism can be conceived as a vertical transcendance, with a focus on
> the mystic's understanding of his individual cosmic nature,

The mystic's concept of individual cosmic nature is that it doesn't exist.

> illumination is a
> horizontal transcendance, where the mystic's place in the world and its societies and
> otherworlds is radically redefined by high level transcultural insights.

In what way is this transcendence?

Nils Weinander
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