Convulsion UK Freeform

From: David Hall <>
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2001 08:26:58 -0000

Convulsion is a long-standing UK RPG convention with a bias towards Glorantha and freeforms.

In past years the convention has hosted the Home of the Bold, How the West was One, Life of Moonson, and Fall of the House of Malan Gloranthan freeforms.

The next convention is planned for July 2002 and so far we don’t have a new flagship freeform to run.

So, do you have a Gloranthan freeform to hand or do you want to write a freeform for the convention?

The overall requirements for our main Gloranthan freeform is that it has between 50 - 80 players, it lasts no more than eight hours, doesn't require acres of space, and uses the English language.

To register interest then please email me at

We’ll then ask you to send further details of your game by the end of May. The details we’ll need then are:

Based on what we receive we’ll choose which freeform we want to go with.

We will be seeking regular updates and additional information as writing progresses.

Our deadline for the finished game is March 31st 2002.

Copyright for the game will remain with the authors.

The committee have experience with writing and staging freeforms and will be able to provide advice and assistance. We can also assist with any design, print, or artwork requirements.


David Hall (on behalf of the Convulsion committee)

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