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I hope this does not breach the copyright material bit; "Posting small excerpts to support your arguments or answer questions is fine,", I just thought the two threads were linked. The original text is from the Cults of Terror Cosmology, but it has been modified to a Digest Cosmology:

The goddess created a great and magical worldwide web made of many things no longer in print, and then she gave the web to all the Gloranthophiles to hold ready between them. When Spam entered into their realm, the gods cast the net upon MortageRatedeals-a-bor and held him tight while the goddess leapt upon him with vengeance and a strength of desperation and mystical splendor. She enwrapped the unwanted advertising in her legs and struggled mightily, and at last devoured him alive.

Then the goddess carefully collectedher net and used it to conceal the birth of her child. The child is the Pledge of the Gods or the Subscriber Only, and it is the oath that will recreate the Digest.

"Subscription only" is the Cosmic Compromise. The Glorantha Digest is bound by certain laws which the Glorantha Digest must follow. If the subscriber only rule is broken then the impossible has occured and Spam will re-enter the world.

Keith Nellist

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