A heretical truth

From: Richard, Jeff <Jeff.Richard_at_METROKC.GOV>
Date: Thu, 3 May 2001 11:43:39 -0700

>Excuse me for Hasty Question:
>Now I search about First Age Lokamayanism and Nysalor.
>I remember someone wrote about First Age Lokamayanism in Short Article.
>But I forget Locate of which Fanzines and /or Shortform contains.
>A Lhankor Mhy Priest researched 1st Age Relic of Nysalorians,
>and reached to Heretical Truth of Orlanth and was banished by Jonstown
>Community of LM for Heresy....

You're probably thinking of a brief article called "A Heretical Truth" in Enclosure #1 (I think). It's about 85% true......


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