EWF in Ralios

From: Jonas Schiott <jonas.schiott_at_hem.utfors.se>
Date: Fri, 04 May 2001 10:35:22 +0200

Peter Metcalfe:
>> 8: Who is Narnarra the Greater? Man or Woman? I remember someone said about
>> her, is she truly Nysalorian Missionary?

> Nobody knows who Narnarra is. She's (or he's) highly unlikely to be
> a Nysaloran missionary as she was brought to help Aringor's people
> against the Shadow Empire and the God Learners. Given the absence
> of the EWF, my tentative thinking is that Aringor brought the EWF
> to Lankst (The Eastern Wilds are already covered by Ingolf). The
> EWF did their job but then began draconizing the local Orlanthi.
> Thus Alakoring had to go and root them out.

Ooohhh, maybe Narnarra is a dragon? Slain by Orlanth or one of his sons, and Aringor brought it back? Typical LBQ, that: "Well, it was an enemy at the time and deserved to get killed, but in the long run we kinda need it around so let's bring it back."

If Aringor is from Lankst, I'm curious why his people would need help against the Shadow Empire. I thought Lankst was the _seat_ of the Shadow Empire. Are you suggesting that said empire eventually became so corrupt that it began oppressing its own core population? That would be just like them...

Jonas Schiött

End of The Glorantha Digest V8 #386

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