Bad King Urgrain and King Voskath

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\\Bad King Urgrain used Trolls against King Voskath, This led King Voskath to use elves against Urgraini.

I have answer from both Mr. Peter and Mr. Jeff Richard, then I can use same Tactics of Bad King Urgrain and started to dig my own grave (or lit my own sacred pyre? as One Orlanthi)

>>- -...But I don't know enough about 1st Age Connection of Unity Council
>>Missionary and Talastar, what is Tar-umath?

>Tarumath is "High Storm", a cult or brotherhood that worships the
>transcendent Storm. How it operates in Talasting society (in
>the Dawn Age and now) is a good question as a recent suggestion
>of mine was met with only silence.

>The Talastari held Shargash (whom they identified with Sadar) to be an
enemy god. Tarumath is High Storm, a >mystical revelation of Lokamayadon and Nysalor. All of this stuff comes out of unpublished material of Greg's.
>Hopefully it will see the light of print someday soon!

>>Maybe their Worship to Lightbringers was Superficial.

>The Talastings were and are sincerely Orlanthi as the
>Heortlings. The conflict that lead up to the Immolation
>depended on what they considered acceptable behaviour
>(and they had slightly different answers).

>>2: Empty Mountain, if it Exists in Modern Gloranthan Storm realm, which
>>Mountain can be applied?

>Doktados Mountain IIRC.

>The Vanak Spear quest comes out of a fragment of Orlanth's quest into the
underworld - it is the fragment >known by the Berenethtelli. Lots of the Heortling tribes knew fragments of what Orlanth did in the Underworld >and had HQs based on them - however, nobody was desparate enough to string these quests together until >Harmast did it.

>I don't think we know yet whether Harmast wielded the Vanak Spear or
rejected it. That might answer whether >modern Orlanthi can take it.

>As for where Empty Mountain exists - some candidates could include
Snakepipe Hollow (Ginjji), various Bad >Mountains in the Rockwoods, the Dorastor Valley, etc

>>5: I don't know these Words coming from RW Society: Wergild, Greeting,
>>Wyter, Thane, Wyrd.....Can I find these source?

>Wergild is literally Man-Price, the money you have to pay to
>for injuring or killing another person.

That is my silly Question: if Boving Spongiform Encephalopathy appeared in Orlanthi Culture, that will be disastorous to System of Orlanthi Culture, maybe in more "Civilzed" Orlanthi Society, Unit of Cattle Base thought would go to Symbolical meaning.

>Greeting is simply what you say to other people when you meet
>them ("Hello" etc). The Orlanthi have a ritualized set of
>greetings which they use to greet strangers and foreigners.

"If you are coming as Friend, say your Name." "My Name is Urgrain Twice Damned."

If his name is Clearly Pseudonym,....(Many Legends told about such Situation...)

>The Wyter is a protective spirit.

Is that Word perfectly coming from Idea of GS as Ginna Jar?

>A Thane is an Orlanthi nobleman while Wyrd is an archaic name
>for fate. There also is the Fyrd which means the men and
>fighting women of a clan or tribe called out for battle.

>Many of these ideas (not the Greeting or Wyter) come out of Anglo-Saxon or
Viking age sources. I'd >recommend any of the Icelandic Sagas (Egil's Saga or Njal's Saga are probably the best - and probably have >been translated into Japanese) for additional background. I'd also pick up a few books on Anglo-Saxon England >(5th through 11th centuries AD) and Viking Age Scandanavia (again 5th through about 13th centuries AD). I'd >get a Japanese translation.

Good Suggestion, Thanks.

>>8: Who is Narnarra the Greater? Man or Woman? I remember someone said
>>her, is she truly Nysalorian Missionary?

>Remind me again about the reference - is she from Rastalulf's Saga or from
something else I wrote?

No, that was coming from Mr. Jonas Schiott

>No, but then I've been thinking some more about Aringor's LBQ. He would
>some community and cultic support to pull it off, so perhaps the
>reestablishment of Orlanth worship was something he accomplished as a
>_prerequisite_ for the quest, rather than a _result_ of it? Unless his
>accomplishment is the equal of Harmast's, he must have been following the
>path Harmast laid down - which means he must have travelled outside his
>region to learn about it, and he would quite possibly have learned worship
>rites at the same time. The question is where he went? How far had
>of the LBQ spread in the early Second Age?

>Strangely enough, this makes a stronger case for Narnarra being one of the
>Nysalorian missionaries, as her 'faulty' perception of Orlanth wouldn't
>matter as much. She could be a Riddler, that would fit in with our (Sten's,
>Dag's and mine) idea about one of the secrets of the East Wilds: there's an
>unusual amount of illumination going around, and it's not seen as chaos by
>the orlanthi, more akin to tricksterhood.

Peter said Aringor can be EWF Draconism supporter.....

>Nobody knows who Narnarra is. She's (or he's) highly unlikely to be
>a Nysaloran missionary as she was brought to help Aringor's people
>against the Shadow Empire and the God Learners. Given the absence
>of the EWF, my tentative thinking is that Aringor brought the EWF
>to Lankst (The Eastern Wilds are already covered by Ingolf). The
>EWF did their job but then began draconizing the local Orlanthi.
>Thus Alakoring had to go and root them out.

>>or Ancient Primitive Orlanthi of Ralios? I don't know how they
>>adopted Orlanthi Way to their Hsunchen Culture, they are not

>I think the adoption of Orlanth ways among the people of the
>Eastern Wilds was a long slow process that began with the
>World Council and finished in some indeterminate time between
>Arkat and now. The people of Lankst weren't originally Hsunchen
>but settlers from Dorastor and beyond.

Maybe she was Ulerian Woman who could seduce All of Antagonists of Aringor to Death....

IIRC, these are Powers of 2nd and 3rd Age Ralios: Kingdom of Nomia: Safelster

Alakoring Dragonbreaker: Vesmonstran Lankst Aringor Darstalsson: East Wild?
Ingolf Dragonfriend: East Wild (Delela)
Siglolf Cloudclasher: Vesmonstran Otkorion

Jorstland Kingdom: Safelster & Delela
Retter the Stalker: Delela
Ethilrist Whitehorse Troop: Safelster

>>9: Ingolf Dragonfriend, in Wyrm's Footprint, Ingolf was killed by Blue
>>Assassin in 1051, but King of Sartar mentioned his Death was occured after
>>he retired to Delela and Black Dragon swallowed him.

>I think KoS is correct, although it could be both.

>KoS is correct. People in Dragon Pass may know of Ingolf and believe
>he was killed by a Blue Moon Assassin.

>>10: Alakoring Dragonbreaker, Northern Orlanthi of Peloria were called
>>Alakoring Tribe, but in God Age, Winter Tribe and Summer Tribe exists in

>The Alakoring Tribes of South Peloria were Vingkotling in the
>Storm Age.

>>And Other Bloodline of Orlanthi existed such as Haranding of
>>Maniria (Enemy of Jarani),

>The Harandings are a different people from the Vingkotlings.

I think they thought Jarani as Evil Demon who distorted Righteous Law of Orlanthi...

>>How much Ralian Influence in Modern Pelorian Orlanthi?

>Since Alakoring came from Lankst, the "Ralian" influence is quite
>strong. However Alakoring didn't influence the Orlanthi of the
>Eastern Wilds, so the "Ralian" influence is not very strong there.

>Not much, although Alakoring kingship rites are probably quite similar to
those of Vesmonstranland.

New Lolon Gospel:
Can I order Backnumbers from anyone of you now?

The Broken Council Guidebook & Runequest Con Conpendium #2 I still don't understand enough of Broken Council Order in these LARP setting:

/Speaker of Darkness:
That Seat always held by OOO, but he could not leave his own Kingdom, so he usually appointed his Representative:
Charmilla Softspeak (Halikiv), Varzor Kitor (Kitori), Thorktor Thon I don't know how did this Seat become after the Council Broken.....

/Speaker of Water:
A Dragonewt Ruler (Dragonet?) usually held this Seat, Heart of Weakness, intermediary was Strength of Flame?, later Sibilant Tongue of Ouroboros (He is still Inhuman King of Dragonpass) I don't know how did this Seat become after the Council Broken, either..

/Speaker of Stone:
Martaler (Gemborg), Isidilian (Dwarfrun, 123), Iron Skull Fanak (Dorastor, 200), Iron Diamond Voice (212, Greatway) IMO, even after Council was Broken, Greatway held this Seat....

/Speaker of Earth:
Fwalfla Oakheart (Tallseed, now Stinking Forest), Feneleth Flower, Ferletha Thorn, other Unknown Names of Elves, Saratin Seomale (Talastar (Rist) Forest?)

/Speaker of Sky:
Always Speaking Wheel of Golden Wheel Dancer kept this Seat even after Dara happans joined to Broken Council.

/Speaker of Storm:
Usually Kerofin Neckless was also held of this Speaker, Aram Ya Udram (Kerofinela), Leikan (Heortling), other Unknown Names of Heortling, Harandangian (Heortling), Rastazar (Aggar Elmali), maybe Lokamayadon took this seat after Council broke.

/Speaker of Harmony (Seventh):
Generally, Leader of Native Dorastans kept this Seat as Mediator to other Speakers after Council moved to Dorastor. Senit-ranor (167), other Unknown Names of Dorastan, Seri-Phy-Ranor

This seat worked as Leader of LBQ missionary? Taris Sharpthorn (265, Talastar Elf)

After Horse Nomads refused to make compromise with Council, Second Council eventually made this faction.
Varzor-Kitor (Kitori, 167), Blinding Iron Sword (Mostali), Kwaratch Kang (Dagoli Inkarth, Zorani)
After Council broken, maybe Palangio Ironvrok (Alkothi General coming from Rinliddi) took this Seat.

End of The Glorantha Digest V8 #390

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