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I have finished reading "Burnt-Njal's Saga", I notice "Rastalulf's Saga" is far more influenced by this tale than Fantasic Volsunga Saga.

In Gods of Glorantha, early 16th Century (1500-1520?) one Jrusteli called Corbybran (Sorry, but I don't have English Version Gods of Glorantha, so I don't know accurate spelling of his name) wrote Hill Range in the Middle of Pentan Plain in his World Map. (But later anyone who visited there don't find any such place...)

David Dunham and Rob Heinsoo discussed about Grazelanders and other Horse Nomads in the Glorantha Con 4, about their Living. and Cultural Resemblance to RW analogy.
In RW, they used Wagons and Yurts made from Woods which Gloranthan Pentans cannot find these Blank Area Map. If Greg Stafford have Great Planning about this Area...

Now I read about the Middle Asian History, Many Oasis Cities near Taklimakan Desert, Pamir highlands, Tian Shan North Road and South Road...about many Europian Explorers before Chinese Communism.

RW Middle Asian Population composed widely with Iranian, Mongolian, Turkian, and minorities, (Greek, Arabian, Slavian, Tibetan...) from Caucasian Family and Mongolian Family in the classification of Language, Pentan Population is more than twice of Praxians...If these stocks include all of these Categories of RW...very very long work is required....

Important Persons were Only Three:
Sheng Seleris Mystic of Zolathi, Zho Lath Ehy, Saka Morn School? Dranz Goloi Greatkhan, defeated by Jar Eel? Joloi Maskoss Shamaness

Maybe some of betrayers to Lunar Way (such as Eslas and Aelwryn) can fill some vacancy.....
Required more....

Known Places are only Five.....
Redhair Place
Hell Crack
H'Har As Jing
Nonitreesa Mountain Range

Do you know where the term "Nonitreesa" is derived from?

David Dunham:

>>My Problem is, How I can explain and replace Idea of "Kargzant was
>>by Lightfore in Bridle Conjunction" from the View of Yuthuppan Buseri to
>>"ignorant Nomads" who don't have enough Celestial Lore. (I remember One
>>Earlier Article Edition of Tales of the Reaching Moon documented Pentan
>>Cosmology. But I don' t have this Issue.)

>But the nomads are the source of celestial lore -- Buserian's Frame
>is a yurt with the covering removed. There's nothing ignorant about

If Starseers: teachers of Yuthuppan Buseri were Pentan Demigods, maybe I should greatly change my idea.

Peter Metcalph:
>Most Moderns are not Storm Worshippers. Traditional tribes are
>now rare in Pent which means that most of the 630,000 Solar
>Pentans (outnumbering the Storm Pentans at 230,000) are Moderns.

Number changed after Genertela Book..., SuP from 600,000 to 630,000. StP from 200,000 to 230,000. Why?

>The rise of the Moderns with their cattle-herds came long before
>Kastok's invasion. Secondly Kastok's wrath fell primarily upon the
>Pure Horse Tribe and almost destroyed them. Other tribes (both
>traditional and modern) were much less affected by Kastok's

>>Second they dropped Worship of Kargzant and went to Worship of Mad Storm
>>after Night of Horror.

         "Recently the Bronze-Sworded Prophet has arisen among us.
         He has persuaded the Four Winds to become part of Kargzant's
         Tribe.  Many Tribes have thus worshipped the Four Winds and
         are preparing to invade Peloria to free Sheng Seleris."
                         Glorantha: Intro p175

Recently...very obscure word...That information is probably come from Lunar Redhairs...

>>My Problem is, How I can explain and replace Idea of "Kargzant was
>>by Lightfore in Bridle Conjunction" from the View of Yuthuppan Buseri to
>>"ignorant Nomads" who don't have enough Celestial Lore.

>We do have something of their Point of View (although it's
>tainted by Plentonius). The following is about what happened
>to the Hyalorings during the Bridle Conjunction.

         One Sacred Day, the sons of Vuranostum were summoned by
         Kargzant.  The god needed his faithful followers to fight
         against monster gods which had escaped the Underworld.
         The sons of Vuranostum knew their duty and they went into
         the sky realm to help their god against their enemy.  They
         fought against a great giant which destroyed armies with
         its shout, pierced a hundred with the tip of his spear, and
         slew ranks of heroes with his iron sword.

         Kargzant did not hesitate before a fight, and charged into
         the melee.  But the giant cheated, and it tripped the horse
         god, and tied it with steel ropes, then licked a cruel bit
         into its mouth and a bridle upon its head.  That way Kargzant
         was bound, and the horses of the world were trained, and the
         sons of Vuranostum and all the people of Kargzant were doomed
         to fall before the people of Oralanatus.

         After this, the movement of Kargzant in the Sky Realm was
         regular. [...].
                         GRAY p40

>IMO the Pentans would remember the enemy they fought differently.
>A bull deity might be appropriate for most moderns while many
>tribes near Kralorela might remember fighting dragons.

Maybe that is Otherside Scheme Vision...if Middle World Sky showed such scene: Broken Ring or Burburstus attack Kargzant? that will be very big event everybody of Glorantha could see it.

>>My another Problem is how I can explain about Wife of Sun, you know Dara
>>Happans have Dendara, the Planet Goddess is his wife. Grazers know
>>a daughter of Orest is Wife of Yu-Kargzant.

>Probably still La-Ungariant IMO.

Orest is Name of Bountiful Ernalda for Feathered Horse Queen...maybe very Barren Grandmother rules Pent far more than Darsen rugged Hills...

  Struggle against Uz Minions
 After Kargzant departed, Vacancy of Ord shaked Top of Fire Ridge. Henird was selected by his Clans and became Khan of Kargzanite. But all things don't go well as when Kargzant sat upon the Stool of Khan. Most Vile Beasts Wolves ate Foals, Arandyla's beloved Daughter Hippoi went to south as Riding Horse of his Lover.

 One of Youngest Son of Kargzant Yamsa Valorous but Stupid went to Southern Land which was ruled by his Friend Giant, but he was defeated and utterly destroyed by Minion of Coldness. She strayed without any companions and disappeared for Long Time. Arandayla became Sick because she so loved that Daughter, so Magic uniting Tribes weakened for her Condition.

 And at last, Earth itself split into Two, because that lay over Sticky Lump which Mother Spider failed to make her New Web. Hell Crack opened straight under Flame Ridge? And Dozakis crawled from there because they saw Burning Kargzant in their Dark Home and got Scalds by his Burning Sword, Kargzanite prepared that but that preparation isn't enough. Things go more worse but Kargzanite well knew Henird did Best Job which he could, so they didn't blame them.

 Dastal most Young Son of Ungariant gathered many animals for hunting because he knew their Life would come to hard, but after thinking more about this problem, taught them how to flee from him, because he thought new Agreement was required after Khan of Khans disappeared. He went to the Tent of East Wind, because he was famous for Hunting Skill, His uncle, Wild Hunter gladly accepted his nephew, he taught many of his Art of Bow, Tracking, and Setting of Trap.

 But he was also very Bad Hunter because he had never thought about number of his game because he could hunt as many as possible while Great Kargzant sat on the Stool of his Yurts setting upon Center of World. Firstly Eastwind laughed at his nephew's Idea, but later he regreted his word as Coldness gradually conquered World.

 Bravest Son of Kargzant Jardan counseled with his eldest Brother of Kargzant and Ungariant how they could defeat them, so Josad told him about Secret of Golden Bow. Which was hidden under the Rock of Law because Kargzant realized that Weapon was too dangerous to possess in better Days. After Long ang Famous Adventure, Jardan got this Horrible Weapon and sometimes took Aspect of Great Golden Warrior who only knew Combat and Victory. He shot down many enemies, Dozakis and kins as well while Conflict went to desperation and guarded his Tribes and Kargzanites.

  After Disruptors crushed to the Earth when then fought against a Son of Ialam, gradually he and his sons born from Blood of Dandara former Concubine of Kargzant (Lilith?) got a swollen head and gathered Own Armies, they were called Star Captains by Ignorant Dara Happans. But after tilting of Sky Dome, Khan Henird called elder brother Josad to Tent of Kargzant and counseled with him.

"False Stars now stalk our beautiful Plain with shining armor of civilization and they mock our rule, pretend them as True Supporters of Kargzant. How can I treat them?"

Josad replied,
"False Stars cannot shine itself, they steal Light from our Hearth and Torch, but we cannot stop them to do, because that is right of Children pf Ialam, Kargzant himself bestowed this right to him and his children."

Henird protested,
"If so, we cannot stop them to spread Evil."

Josad answered,
"Soon their Ability will come to their Fault. From North, I feel coming Frost far more colder than Ice of Hollri and Himile. They will die out because they cannot find Fire which they can wield properly. We will hide them in Crystalline of our Solt."

 So Henird went to Valley of Arandayla, where was once Fertile Grassland and Beautiful Stream, but then it went to Barren keeping Caves contain many Salts. He went there and saw that crystal far more beautiful than Jewelries of Civilization.

"Kargzant may only have such intention to teach about such Facts." (NB So "Star Captains" could not resist against Kazkurtum.)

  Hyalor and Dirty Praxians
 Hyalor was Grandson of Yamsa, but he had wisdom which prevented him from making same error of Pride of his Grandfather. He was Good Advisor of Khan Henird and became Good Chieftain of his own Tribe, Hyaloring. (Later, his Successors herediary gave their name as him, his Blood contained Great Potential, and produced many Excellent Leaders, many went to Western Land of Ialam.)

 After long Straying, Hippoi took refuge in the House of Southern Wind, he was famous warrior against Outer Coldness. But his Wife Eirisa was Vicious Woman and her children were all polluted by her vileness. She became Mother of Animals as our Arandayla, but her children were inferior to anything of her Horse children. So she very jealoused to her Presence and taught her Three Big but Foolish Sons Earthshaker, Storm Bull and Dark Morokanth to harm her most beloved daughter. And she sought way to pollute all of her Children with her trick.

 First, Eirisa compulsorily forced her marry to her animal brother, from this unhappy Bond, she gave birth to some of illegimate children, later they became Ancestor of Bastard Horses, but Eirisa amplified her hatred and jealousy after she saw even her poor-birth children far more surpasses her children. Her sons saw her dissapointment against them, and decided to trick her to Doom.

 Southern Wind put pity over her and proposed his sons to make contest and confirm whether her kin distinguish her from Disguises of Eirisa's children. Eirisa admited this term because she was convinced they could not distinguish her from her children with her strengest Magic.

 Hyalor became a famous Horsetrainer and could understand all of Arandayla's Secret, but he worried about her sickness coming from sorrow. Hyalor sent out his men to search her beloved daughter and found her in the Enclosure of Paps, where Eirisa made her filthy Home, but he could not do anything which had possibility to harm her.

 Eirisa challenged famous Chieftain of Kargzanite Hyalor to take back Hippoi, he well noticed in her words they took some of dirty trick, he came. her children Animals taught her her kin coming to there and wanted to return back to her homeland, poor Hippoi believed their words and joined the band getting ready to a banquet for her kinsman, but in this place, they betrayed Hippoi and Enemy Animals dismembered her parts and plotted to trick Hyalor to believe she is not true kin of them.

 False Horse Disguises were created from Fragments of Hippoi but had no soul assurance of Arandaylans. (They later were coming from Ralios, Seshnela, Vithela and other Filthy Places.) And Eirisa used them for contest. Hyalor invited to enclosure and was showed many of Horses similar to Hippoi, because she lost "her Fangs, Wings and Claws" which Kargzanite discern her from other Four-footed Kin.

 If another went there instead of him, Eirisa indisputably deceive him and she would be dead for her Wounds of Pride, but Hyalor found her and his companions broke their Enclosure, fled to Wide Field. But many of her Bastard Children and disguised False Horses were accompanied with her and Hyalorings. But he knew trick and whispered her ears where she should go. They went to Crack of Distinguishment concealed over Cliff and challenged all of them to jump over it. All of Hippoi's children knew nature of that Crack and most of them succeeded, other didn't try. But many disguised Eirisans failed and fell to Depth. Later Hyalor went there and cooked their meat. (NB: Pure Horse Tribes believed he only killed them with fire, not ate their Filthy Meats.)

 Hyalor discerned bastard children of Hippoi and permitted them to join his clan and Kargzanite Tribe. But Hyalor never showed mercy Children of Eirisa and killed them without Rebirth Ritual. Arandayla was glad to see her Daughter again but was dissapointed how great she did lose. Hippoi ate Filthy Food of Eirisa during her Slavery Day, so she lost her ability to communicate her kinsmen. After that Evil Will coming, men became unable to speak whith his Horses.

(Praxians believe Eiritha saved Hippoi from Attack of Enemies, but Hippoi betrayed her own debt of gratitude and let Hyalor desecrate Holy Places of Paps and massacre her children without dignity in the Challenge of Crack of Distinguishment. Since that time Praxian Animal and Evil Goddess Eiritha are our Worst Enemy. They don' t eat meat of riding Beast wach other, and try to kill as soon as they can.)

  Kargzant in Monsterland
 Finally Void Coldness came to Northern Camp, there Storm Chieftains were ready to fight against them, but they only knew Power of Central World, they didn't know Potential of Void and Nothingness.

Revised Pentan Documents...

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