The Unspoken Word

From: Mark Galeotti <>
Date: Fri, 25 May 2001 15:51:41 +0100


The first issue of The Unspoken Word is due out at the start of next week. Let me give you a tour of just some of the highlights:

You want to know about Tarsh? How about Greg's hitherto-unpublished notes on its history, with maps showing its evolution from its scouring during the Dragonkill to the late fifteenth century by Shaun Appleby? Or the gorgeous full-colour map by Wesley Quadros, linked to an illustrated gazetteer, from Arim's Footsteps to the Warnstone? If it is urban life you fancy, then take your pick between civilised Furthest (complete with street map), rich Talfort or wild and woolly Copper Town.

You might want to play Tarshite characters or NPCs? Would summaries of typical Tarshites (illustrated by Simon Bray) and keywords help? Then choose their tribe from the illustrated listing given and read Mark Galeotti's take on how you can have 'Orlanthi without Orlanth'. 'A Day at the Executions' might give you some valuable ideas on a fun day out while you're there (and a scenario).

Maybe you are into realpolitik and machination? Peter Metcalfe gives us the low-down on the movers and shakers of the realm, while David Dunham provides a snapshot of the Grazer king Jarsandron Tenherds with whom they must deal. Martin Laurie then gives us a thorough briefing on the formidable Army of Tarsh, from the dour Shieldwall Regiments to the truly terrifying Kingslayers.

Not as terrifying as the Great Shaker priestess of Maran Gor, of course. As well as the full official write-up of the cult of Maran which had to be cut from Storm Tribe, we have Ian Cooper's comprehensive study of the Exiles and two views of the Shaker Temple itself, from Greg Stafford and Simon Bray.

But this is only a sample of what awaits within this 68-page marvel. Ultimately, you really need to see it yourself fully to appreciate it!

For orders from the UK and Europe, a single issue costs 7 (cheque) or $11 through the PayPal service, while a money-saving one-year subscription (3 issues) costs 20/$30.

For orders from the rest of the world, the rates are 8/$11 and 22/$33, respectively. All prices include P&P (sent airmail printed rate).

You can either send cheques in UK sterling, at the sterling rates above, payable to 'M Galeotti & S Bray' to The Unspoken Word, PO Box 278, Crewe CW3 9YY, UK. Alternatively, you can use the Paypal service to buy by credit or debit card from across the globe. The price for orders through Paypal is listed in US dollars. Transfers should be sent to, through the Paypal system @ (For those of you not in the USA, the eventual charge to you will be converted automatically to your home currency.) If you are ordering a subscription, it will be assumed that you want it to start with the current issue unless you tell us otherwise.

Read the Unspoken Words!


End of The Glorantha Digest V8 #410

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