Lets here it for Mummy III

From: chrisgraham <chrisgraham_at_netscapeonline.co.uk>
Date: Sat, 26 May 2001 00:43:58 +0100

Hi there, particulary Mikko

Hey guys lighten up. Of course it wasn't going to be another Gladiator but use your imagination ;-)

You're not going to sell bums on seats with anything too deep or everyone would have continued playing Runequest rather than that ghastly AD&D. Plot who cares about a plot this is entertainment. Enjoy what ever neat ideas they thought of no matter how flimsy. For example, the scorpion king ok not original in fact very similar to something cooked up in Glorantha but hey nice idea.

Ok, so I agree with Mikko it's not going to be a Gladiator but it bears greater similarity to fantasy settings that Bridget Jones. Drink a few beers before watching perhaps you'll enjoy it more.

Giving the movie the benefit of the doubt Chris

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