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Terra is a man of great knowledge... every time I read his post, I picture myself reading web sites about ancient religions written in Japanese, and I'm impressed with his fortitude in english.

I praise him, of course, because he's supporting my current bug-bear: reinforcing the islamic parallels of the Lunar empire.

Terra, Adept and I (mostly) discussed this a while ago on the herowars list. It might be useful searching for 'Gloranthan names' on the herowars archives. As a refresher, I had brought up the question (essentially) of what cultural names we could pull on, to suggest to the players the best implicit parallels to earth cultures.

I seem to recall that Adept and I basically agreed on the following parallels:
Lunar: Arabic
Carmanian: Persian/Iranian
Firespeech: Hebrew (possible replacement: Ancient egyptian?) Pelandan: ancient greek
Dara Happan: Sumerian
Darjiinian: 'soft' sumerian

An alternative concept would be:
Firespeech: Sumerian
Dara Happan: Hebrew
Darjiinian: Philistine/Phoenician/Canaanite

In any case, those were the thoughts at the time. Terra makes a couple more good points:
> We can
> see Lunar Empire start unlimitedly from Rinliddi as Army of
> Arabian Prophet
> Muhammed in RW. This parallel starts Islamic Lunar Empire.

I hadn't thought about that analogy before. So Rinliddi == Mecca? And by this parallel Glamour would be, I suppose, Damascus? It can't be Baghdad, because that's Iranian/Carmanian (in our analogy system). I don't know enough about Islamic history on this one - was Damascus ever the seat of an Caliph who ruled all of Islam? And if so, when?

Terra says some things I don't exactly understand:
> If we afford using parallel between Mongolian and Turkish, (and Sheng
> Seleris was Timur rather than Ghingis Khan.) we can apply
> Former Empire to
> Seljuk Turkey and Latter Empire to Ottoman Turkey.

I don't know enough history to follow this one. Wasn't Timur a Turk? What's the difference between Seljuk Turkey and Ottoman Turkey?

> Recently, I reread Nick Brooke's Carmanian Resources and I was rather
> embarrassed because he used quite a little parallel to RW
> Islam and Persia.
> I guess he think he should not use unfamiliar materials for
> refering to
> Europian Cultural Standards, IMHO that makes his work in a
> sense Imbalance.

So, are you embarassed because Nick didn't understand enough non-Europian history to correctly integrate the parallels?

> Chinese Influence to Middle Asia:
> Sheng Seleris's Image is greatly influenced from the
> Photocopy of Fortunate
> Succession, but that Statuette is made in the period of Tang
> Dynasty as
> Ancient Virtuous God-Emperor Yao...Don't arrogantly dare to think you
> conceive aesthetic sense of Ancients...

I'm confused here as well... who is being arrogant, exactly?

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