Day 88 - A Modest E-groups Proposal

From: John Hughes <>
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2001 19:19:09 -0700

'DAY 88' - A MODEST PROPOSAL FOR A GLORANTHAN E-GROUP Subtext: John has finally upgraded to Poser 4. Huzzah!

Gedday folks

Following some recent conversations (on the Hero Wars list) with like-minded modellers, I'd like to propose the creation of a yahoo groups list specifically devoted to 3D art and modelling in a Gloranthan context, using software tools including (but not limited to) Poser, Bryce, Lightwave, 3-D Max, Photoshop, and last but certainly not least; VRML.

I envisage the forum, which I propose to call 'Day 88' unless participants have a better sugestion, to be a fairly low volume, open list, and devoted mainly to the creation and swapping of 3-D props and models based in a Gloranthan setting. It would be the place to swap props and texture maps, knot out technical issues like the best textures for Gloranthan bronze or how many nipples to give an Uz model, share software tips, show off latest creations and plan grandiose joint 3D projects which may or may not come to pass.

I'm not sure how many Gloranthan lists I'm on these days - easily a dozen - most of them are yahoo-groups and most of them end up in one or two folders in my in-box. Because of this, and because of the specialised nature of the proposed group, I do not envision it overlapping in any significant way with existing groups. Any announcements of general interest will be posted to mainstream lists.

Depending on feedback, I will announce further details later this week.

Jane William's Virtual Pavis: A 3D vingan created in Poser: 3D models galore:


John                 John Hughes

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