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<snip lots on islamic parallels in the lunar empire>

> Darjiinian: 'soft' sumerian
> An alternative concept would be:
> Firespeech: Sumerian
> Dara Happan: Hebrew
> Darjiinian: Philistine/Phoenician/Canaanite

Well, I'm not sure whether they fit 'soft' sumerian or canaanite models, but here are the brief guidelines on Darjiinite names in the current draft for the first of the Imperial Lunar Handbooks:

Darjiini Names

Formal names are in the form of Personal Name followed by the root of their clan's name, thus EsesukuEru is Eseseku of the SornEru clan. Given that most people in any particular settlement will generally come from the same clan, nicknames (often jocular or derogatory) are attached instead, so Esesuku is usually known as Esesuku Fat-Eel, while his neighbour Eseseku is called Eseseku Bare-Buttocks.

Sample male names
Berkut, Kirvelikur, Losisi, Tarivanit

Sample female names
Assuri, Eslurvu, Oheha, Ussoru

Hope this is of some use,


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