Re: 'merkin reptiles

Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2001 02:56:45 EDT

Peter Larsen:

<< The cottonmouth is a large venomous snake that is semi-aquatic, mostly
living in swampy areas. The rattlesnake prefers drier climates >>

     Mostly, yes, but there are some rattlesnakes that live in swamps (the massassauga, for instance) and would presumably be at home along the Oslir.

<<and is (I believe) a little smaller >>

     Depends on the exact type of rattlesnake - most are indeed smaller, but some are quite a bit bigger (e.g. the diamondback).  

<< Whether Dragon Pass is wet enough for cottonmouths (also known as water
moccasins) is another question, although I'm sure Delecti's Marsh is chock full of them. >>

     My original text was rather vaguer, just mentioning 'Maniria', quite a bit of which is moist. But certainly that includes Dragon Pass, and I agree that Delecti's Marsh would be a good place to find them.

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