Re: [HPG my backside...] Worlds and Otherworlds.

From: Julian Lord <>
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2001 09:05:09 +0200

Alex :

> I'm not following this.

Well, really, I just wanted a twirl or two with Greg's new HPG toy ...

> By my understanding, what Greg calls the
> "transcendent realm" corresponds to what theologians (in the first
> instance, and assorted philosophers and the like in the second)
> call the "transcendent realm", as specifically opposed to the "immanent
> realm".

I'm not really interested in having any terminological bunfights with anyone, or militating against Greg's cosmology in some way. (!)

I *did* want to point out that, within the very terms of that cosmology, perfectly coherent Gloranthan POVs can be forged (ie good religious cults could be designed) that turned the cosmology upside down, from our own and Greg's POV, without actually affecting or ruining that structure in any way whatsoever, from any POV.

In other words, this structure is a very strong and good one, strong enough to support any of Greg's plans for it ; whichever words are used to describe it, in whichever contradictory ways anyone could possibly invent. There simply *is* a higher realm.

Also, I didn't really mean "immanent" as _opposed_ to "transcendent", but next to it ; as two words in a whole list of concepts including "cosmic" , "philosophic" , "Draconic" , "ultimate" , "ineffable" , "high" , et cetera ...

Sorry if that wasn't clear from my post. I was being a bit obfuscating, deliberately, in the interests of playing the HPG *game*. Sorry if the game is meant to be taken seriously.

I certainly don't want to take it so.

AFAI'mC, HPG is just another name for : "GD : the GL High Council PBEM".

> The part of Greg's N-worlds cosmology (and diagrams thereof) I find
> most suspect is the absense of a "mystical otherworld", or if you
> prefer, the "line" direct from the inner world to the transcendent (or
> the mystical portion of the transcendent,

It's *not* suspect : AFAICS Greg has plans for that part, to be developed via the HW campaign, through HW gameplay, and as part of his already extant HW game design.

It's part of the plot.

It aalso constitutes the barrier beyond which any GD-type speculation actually becomes _meaningless_ .
(except when discussing the Outer Atomic Explorers or such)



PS If feathers have been ruffled, sorry ; but HPG was thrust upon me, and deserved at least a test flight ...

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