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Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2001 15:54:27 +0300

:Peter Larsen wrote:
: The cottonmouth is a large venomous snake that is semi-aquatic,
:mostly living in swampy areas. The rattlesnake prefers drier climates and
:is (I believe) a little smaller, although both can grow to startling
:lengths. Either can kill you. Check out:


Nothing like that in here. I think I'll stick to Adders for my Sartar, but:

:Whether Dragon Pass is wet enough for cottonmouths (also known as
:water moccasins) is another question, although I'm sure Delecti's Marsh
:is chock full of them...

That's rather ingenious! The EWF did re-create a horde of strange creatures, and Delecti's swamp is home to countless strange monsters. That huge, foreign watersnake will fit right in. And be all the more frightening, since my Sartarites are used to the more mundane adders.

:I suppose the clans around the Marsh have anti-snake
:magics -- some subcult of Ernalda that can command them, cure their
:poison, etc.

A character in my game is from Esrolia. A young man with aspirations of becoming a wondering Goldentongue. The Asrelian matriarch of the family keeps a hideously expensive pet:

A goldsnake, sacred to Asrelia:

This beautiful creature grows only a foot or two long, and it's head is about as thick as a man's thumb. It's scaly skin shines like beautifully worked and polished gold with some redgold highlites. Even the snakes eyes are a shade of gold.

The goldsnake is sacred to Asrelia, and to harm one is to recieve a terrible curse. They are also hideously poisonous, and a bite bill bring terrible pain, and propably death within minutes.

HW stats:

Strike 14 ^0
Small (darn, don't remember the scale. 20?) Poison 10w2 (fast, painful, deadly)

Expensive 10w
Dim 16
Sacred to Asrelia 5w

The snake's aren't really agressive. In the wild they hunt small reptiles, and ignore man unless disturbed. They allow Asrelians to handle them like pets, but requite respect even from them (rather like a burman cat). The goldsnake seems more tolerant towars women than men.

The young Goldentongue-to-be wasn't terribly happy that this creature lived in the same house, and liked to warm up by slithering under the carpets, and sometimes into the beds of sleeping people...

:No doubt a more sinister take on the same subcult can be
:found in Esrolia (what's a matriarchy without deadly serpent worshippers,
:I ask you?).

Vesa Lehtinen had this nifty idea, that I adopted. Esrolian criminals with "sleevesnakes" that are trained to ride in the sleeve of their shirt, and that they can fling at somebody close enough with a fling of their hand. The snake, of course, is irritated and startled, and strikes.

Quite easy to get bitten yourself, of course.


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