Re: [HPG my backside...] Worlds and Otherworlds.

From: Alex Ferguson <>
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2001 15:29:21 +0100 (BST)

Julian Lord hastily hides his ballistic doughnut collection:

> I'm not really interested in having any terminological bunfights with anyone,
> or militating against Greg's cosmology in some way. (!)

I certainly wasn't suggesting the latter, but you pretty much started the former out of whole cloth! As per HPG Rule 11.3.2, I believe, "Indirect fire: contorted definitions and small pieces of baked dough."

> I *did* want to point out that, within the very terms of that cosmology,
> perfectly coherent Gloranthan POVs can be forged (ie good religious cults
> could be designed) that turned the cosmology upside down, from our own and
> Greg's POV, without actually affecting or ruining that structure in any way
> whatsoever, from any POV.

I'm not quite sure what you're hinting at, but I'm skeptical already... I don't think it's possible to approach the transcendent realm without fundamentally changing your attitude to, or even your place in, the inner world. Which is pretty much to say it's the stuff of "mysticism", in the Staffordian sense. (Let's be clear that anyone in the position to "worship" the transcendent meaningfully (or otherwise access it other than via the "other Otherworlds") such as one of the Vithelan gods, or someone in the Summer Land Heaven of the Kralori, already _has_ done this, or was never in the same category as mortal human beings in the first place.)

> Sorry if that wasn't clear from my post. I was being a bit obfuscating,
> deliberately, in the interests of playing the HPG *game*.

By the very nature of the activity, naturally it wasn't exactly _clear_, but yes, that was pretty much the impression I was getting...

> > The part of Greg's N-worlds cosmology (and diagrams thereof) I find
> > most suspect is the absense of a "mystical otherworld", or if you
> > prefer, the "line" direct from the inner world to the transcendent (or
> > the mystical portion of the transcendent,
> It's *not* suspect : AFAICS Greg has plans for that part, to be developed via
> the HW campaign, through HW gameplay, and as part of his already extant
> HW game design.

I have my suspicions (if not skepticisms) about it. Makes it suspect for me... At any rate, my point is that many, if not most, mystic systems have "places" they customarily "visit", so the lack is not in practical terms an absolute one. This being the GD, I'll forebear to talk of -20's here...

> PS If feathers have been ruffled, sorry ; but HPG was thrust upon me, and
> deserved at least a test flight ...

My feathers are fine, thanks -- I'm a bit puzzled at this heavy, yet invisible, burden you seem to be carrying, that's all...

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