Pentan Horse Clan Example (6)

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Tales of the Reaching Moon 3 & 4 taught how Pentan Shamans see their Spirit World as One Great Tree. Maybe that is strange for their These Idea greatly came from Genesis:

World Tree and Kargzant
When Kargzant rose over Top of Fire Ridge, Green Great Plain widened to Surrounded World. But Spirit people who dwelted over Surface World and grew with his Warmth still didn't satisfy Way of things, and petitioned to Kargzant to make something for their own. But he didn't bother with them because he had his own People in the Sky. So they pleaded to Mother Spider instead of him.

Mother Spider heard their plea and intrigued how she could warp their intention to hurt Kargzant. Spirits of Wild (Elves) once denied her order for her untrustworthiness, but they also knew potence of Mother Spider and how they choked with her net. Their Spirit Talkers reluctantly climbed over Ridge of Fire and asked her in the Depth how they could help her. Mother Spider taught them how they could gather Essence to Heaven and made way to Blissful Skyworld of Kargzant. She secretly deployed Dozaki Army to the Root of Fire Ridge.

Great Tree rapidly grew to Large, and reached to Heaven. Shamans ordered Gathered Spirit to connect all of World with its branches and twigs, its root also grew to Deep and reached the Nest of Spider. Spirit-talkers presented themselves to Great Khan's tent and requested understanding how all becomes One.

Kargzant saw both of their foolishness and beauty, he foresaw how Trees can be useful for Descended and Fallens for Warmth and Living, and called on Wind Kings of Four Direction for help. But he tried to keep their Beauty in the Shadow, while Shamans all visited the Yurt of Kargzant as guests, Jardan, Bravest Son of Kargzant went to the Root of Great Tree, and gave a signal to Four Directions, Four Brothers gathered their Kin and called / blew on / opened a bag / liberated Winds. Magically Strengthened Winds spirally attacked Great Tree and twisted the Substantial Part of Tree, and Leaves were caught off from it and scattered to All around world. Great Tree eventually disappeared from Ridge of Fire after Long Feast. Because Kargzant used magic for Eating and Drinking in this Feast.

After Shamans enoughly drank and ate, they saw how Kargzant treated their Work, and were infuriated. They returned to Yurt of Kargzant and accused the Swindle of him. But Kargzant set a Bowl of Wisdom showed them the Reflection of Water, still their Great Tree remained its Great Shape. Kargzant taught them how Dead and Alive, Spirit and Flesh would split into Two for Evil of Spider. But he said their work wasn't fruitless for even Kargzanite could see how their family can be and should be as One. He bestowed them Magical Sight and Sense to them as Entities between Death and Life, so they accepted his order and returned to their Family.

After that, Shamans always live with us and taught how they can see Invisible Things for Ordinaries, they generally lived outside of Kargzanite Society and ignore the Habit of Ordinaries for they could see Grat Tree. Khans should treat them fairly because they are very useful and able to do which we cannot do. But many great Khans trouble with them. Only Sheng Seleris perfectly subjugated them because he knew both of Way as Leader and Shaman, and more.

  Kargzant in Monsterland
 In the Better Days of Kargzant, Both of Two Empires located on the Border of Sun Empire, and they strived against each other for many petty reason. using proxies who took mutual damages because Emperors were too fat to move and hit another. West "Evil" Emperor tricked East "Good" Emperor to drink poison voluntarily for Eternal Life, and East "Evil" Emperor forced West
"Evil" Emperor to eat grasses as Beasts, and both Empire once were drowned
by Blue Peoples, but now they also felt they were foolishly tricked by his own Gods which they selected, and wanted to return back Kargzant, but their voice only slowed his pace to returning.

Finally Void Coldness came to Northern Camp, there Storm Chieftains were ready to fight against them, but they only knew Power of Central World, they didn't know Potential of Void and Nothingness.

Their Leader asked to them.
"Where is your Leader Kargzant?"

Storm Gods answered,

 "After his Proxy Golden Griffin was assassinated by enemy Gods, Kargzant dethroned himself and went to Luathela. "

 Lord of Void smiled for that answer, and ordered his army to go forward. West Wind sensed Great Danger supernaturally ordered North Wind to retreat, he could dare to retreat after crushing his Vanguards. They managed to flee Battlefield with Guidance of Light of Henird, Scapegoating of Dozakis and Dragon Eating. That was apparent they could not defeat them without Superior Power which now struggled in the Underworld. So they retreated and planed to go to Underworld for joining Army of Kargzant while Dozakis struggled against Void.

 Ialam=Antirio, most vile and disobedient son of Kargzant wanted to become Khan of
Khans because he foolishly thought his father was dead. And though he once hoped so, then he realized he could not fight against them. He histerically ordered his servants to guard his hide and secretly went to South, many were killed and eaten. Hell Gate opened and Ialam fell to underworld for petitioning to his father's Help.

 Vile Mother of Ialam, Dandara already tamed Dark Veiled Woman (Xiola?) in the Underworld because she showed her True Body as KataMoripi. Mother Spider treated Ialam as if she were Gentle Hearth Grandmother. But we know always such Grandmother are really a Hag who want to eat flesh of Human...But Ialam was deceived. And he foolishly thought he could make truce and negotiation between Mother Spider and Army of Kargzant.

Great Kargzant and his Army destroyed horde of Dozaki in the Wide Hanroo Plain of
Underworld. He always defeated his Enemies Invincibly. But Kargzant still didn't find the Source which stole his Sacrifices over Surface World and Route to returning back.

Mother Spider feared Destruction of her Dirty Labyrinth and Nets. Because she digged Great Hole under the Prison where Kargzant was confined as all of Blood spilled over the Altars of Surface, she knew retribution would soon come before her, and fearfully rushed orders toward her Servants and Demons. She ordered Ialam to trick in the side of the Well of Blood because there were River of Oblivion, and if he could make his father drink the drop of this River, he would be a Slave of mother Spider. Ialam built Jiggurat in the Center of Underworld for waiting his father because he didn't have another choice.

But after he found the Jiggurat of Ialam in the Underworld, he felt only Disgust and Vanity. But Ialam begged before his father and taught how Chieftains and Khans pleaded to his return. In fact, many Great Chieftains of Western World Edge petitioned to both Ialam and Kargzant as they could make truce. This fact angered Invincible Warlord of Hell. Their voice was far louder
than that of Loyal.

"What makes me weak? They are disloyal to me and weakened my power. They
don't understand what brought them misfortune and lose. They were coming from their lack of loyalty and strength of soul." His Anger the Clear Water of Oblivion made into Bloody Color of Hatred, and so he drank the Water of Bloody Hatred from River of Underworld, and became Horrible Red Drinker of Blood.

Kargzant wrestled with Red Warrior and easily defeated him. He squeezed Ialam's Fat Body to the Well of Blood and mocked Ialam,
"Now you are Lord of me. You now rule all of the World at the Center of
World. Drink all of Blood which I bring you and you can consume all of them, soon you will become Lambsack of Blood, Emperor of Underworld. You needn't move from there, you can eat anything. And degenerate yourself to Deepest Pit." Kargzant furiously attacked Otherplaces of Underworld, and forgot the affair of Surface and Sky World.

Four Winds descended to Underworld where Hellroar running over Plain of Hanroo and heard the Cry of Disloyals.
Each Four Wind Kings went to the horrible General and Petitoned for his help. But he refused them at first,

"I am jealous and never forgive Disobedient Sons and Daughters, I don't
punished enough them at that time. If they want need help, they must show reverence before they demand."

But Four Wind Lords were more sympathized to Surface Fallen Pentans and decided they would have him recall Good Memory of Beauty of Pentans.

East Wind chanted before him how Ungariant and his Wives were Beautiful under the Shine of Kargzant, Kargzant made slight nod to him but didn't do any action.

South Wind sanged how Beautiful Hunting Steppe was and Animals, Kargzant smiled and gave some presents to him, but he didn't do any other action.

North Wind taught Kargzant how Wind blew over the Steppe ferociously, and how Kargzant guide their Route, Kargzant roared with Laughter and gave him promise how he would treat enemies of Surface World, but he didn't promise anymore.

West Wind finally came to Kargzant and whispered Secret, how Spider bound All of World, and Secret which Sheng Seleris only knew that secret ever after that. Kargzant stood over his Weapons and ordered to return back Sky World.

Four Winds stung their Scimitars to the Gut of Ialam, and Flow of Blood unleashed from his Belly. they rescued him Well od Blood and made him call Spider before him, and Spider fearfully taught him the route to returning back, because Kargzant spared their Lives because their existences themselves were Punishment of our disobedient Ideas and Actions. Kargzant first freed Red Warrior. Kargzant weakened for Long Struggle in the Underworld, he eventually recovered his Great Strength.

End of Mythology of Kargzant

Battle of Ancara, Ottoman Empire vs Timur

I don't like the existence without any Opponent and Antagonist over the surface of Glorantha. So I made my Original Dayzatar Asthetics to Fierce Opponents to Dragons, Pentan Nomads to Arachne Solara and Unity Council....

Some Questions again, I think there are always another chance.... Who is Hardrinor? (This name appeared in Timeline of Rastalulf's Saga.)

What is goose dance?

Hantrafal and Andrin Old (Godi of Vingkot?), Andrin New (King of Heortland, Zombie King)

I think Arim Tarsh and Sheng Seleris made contract vs Lunar Empire....

Why did TakenEgi, Blue Moon Priestess and Arronius Jaranthir play Ouranekki  (Ravenkaz?) before Battle of Kitor?

Where is Trickster Temple of Slontos? I think Great Geographycal Change occured besides the simple Sinking of Many Lands and Islands.

Can I expect Connection between Heortling Mythology and Kethaelan Mythology in the Myth of Celestial Court?
I think 8 Gods about Primal Rune has similarity to Egyptian Tebes Mythology. They think Orlanth once lived in slopes of Dini...not Kero Fin or Hill of Gold. Many Centers of World exist in their Mythology...

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