Re: Greg gregs Greg?

From: Joerg Baumgartner <>
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2001 23:23:16 +0000

David Cake:
> Greg Stafford wrote

>>AHA! This is the source of all the confusion, I think. >>Otherworlds are DEFINITELY NOT trasncendant.

> Greg, this is sure a source of confusion. To quote your own
> article written a month ago

>>None of the Short Worlds has any link or connection with the
>>Transcendant realm. This is their most significent difference from
>>the Otherworlds that are the basis for the magical perspectives of

> Which clearly implies the Otherworlds DO have a link with the
> Transcendant realm.

Exactly - they have a link to the Transcendant realm, which is different from being one. As Greg explained in the High Philosophy of Glorantha seminar, the link channels the magical energy into the Otherworlds (various Sorcery, Theist and Animist worlds like e.g. the Storm Realm) of the Subjective realm.

Basically, anything which uses magical energy ultimately comes from the Transcendant realm (which is why the Underworld has a link, too - it is the source for the magic of Darkness people like the Uz, and also in part for Earth magic), and anything alive and new is generated from the Inner World aka Mundane Plane. The Hero Planes are parallel to the Mundane Plane and not part of the Subjective realm, but like the Mundane Plane part of the Objective realm.

The Sky World and the Underworld are special cases which I'd like to get explained in more detail.

> So, somewhere in the last month you have changed
> what you mean by either Otherworld or transcendant? Or there is some
> confusing semantic issue here?

Maybe the latter. Magic (theist, sorcerous or animist) is energy channeled from the Transcendant realm through the appropriate Subjective realm into the Objective realm (be it Mundane plane or one of the Heroplanes, aka Godtime Ages which can be visited from any linked Subjective realm). Mystics don't use magic but (from my understanding of the seminar) negate it by returning it unused to the Transcendant realm.

I'm still unclear whether it is possible to visit the same heroplanes directly from the Mundane plane at special places or under special circumstances rather than go through whichever subjective realm. Travel from one Heroplane to another (i.e. from one Godtime Age to another) is a very special magic known only to the followers of Valare Addi. While on a Heroplane, time progresses in a linear fashion. To travel in time, an Orlanthi would have to visit Orlanth's hall and leave through the appropriate exit. How much fine-tuning for the exit date is possible? "Depends on the myth reenacted"?

> I really AM confused.

Little wonder. I'm trying to reconstruct the seminar and find as many questions as I find answers.

For instance, let's take the Lunar Otherworld. Ok, the Red Moon is part of the Sky Realm, not exactly the Upper World, but close. Is it part of the Objective realm, or is it part of the Subjective realm?

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