Lunar "other sides" and alien penalties

From: mdawson <>
Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2001 16:46:03 -0400

On Saturday, June 23, 2001, at 02:45 PM, Jerome Blondel wrote:

> Well, maybe the Red Moon consists in many Subjective places held together
> by
> Objective stuff. (I don't know if that proposition makes any sense).
> Also, the Lunars have a quasi monopoly on the Othersides on the Moon, but
> they certainly don't know everything about it, so maybe people somewhere
> else have magic places there too

This got me thinking specifically about how alien world modifiers apply to Lunars, and how the moon's phase affects things when Lunars travel to places where the moon doesn't exist.

Do Lunars get the same -20 when travelling to places alien to them as everyone else? And is that -20 off their magical skills based on the phase of the moon when they left? What if they're gone for a really long time?

Or, since I assume they leave from Sedenya's throne, do Lunars get no phase bonus or penalty when on the other side?

Mike Dawson
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