Re: Eclipses

From: Julian Lord <>
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2001 00:04:34 +0200

Alex :

> my understanding is that there's nowhere, at least in the
> inner world, that experiences daily eclipses.

Well that's pretty damn weird, although I certainly defer to your knowledge in this particular field.

I myself would have thought that *something* at least must occur when the *apparent* directions & heights of the Moon and Sun coincide (this theory based on the (odd?) idea that in Glamour, frinstance, the Moon might appear to be almost directly overhead, whereas in Thrice Blessed it might appear to be a fair bit lower in the air).

Or are you suggesting that the Moon *always* appears either higher or lower than the Sun, depending on whether you're inside the Glowline or out ?

Sounds a bit weird ...


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