French Pavis

From: Ian Thomson <>
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2001 18:55:18 +1000

>>I know this isn't directly related to Ingo's message, but I was
wondering what Issaries' position is on the stuff produced by Multisim for Hero Wars (specifically, their Pavis book). I assume that Multisim's work will be in French: will some effort be made to translate into English for the anglophone market? If push came to shove, I'd by the French book, since I can read French reasonably well; however, it'd be shame to import it (no doubt at considerable expense) only to see a tranlsation pop up from Issaries a little after the fact 8-).<<

The connection may be greater than you imagine... For my sins I am adapting a load of the French material (with Greg's permission), after several wonderful translators have provided me with the meaning. (and in some cases after wrestling with an English/French dictionary all on my lonesome.)

These includes scenarios and heroquests. These larger pieces I'll confer with Greg (when they are complete) how he'd best like to see them published. Smaller bits and bobs are already oozing out through other avenues (such as MoP and the next edition of TT) The Oasis People stuff will be incorporated into a submission for Prax Pack. Substantial progress is being made. :)

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