From: Chris Brown <cjbroon_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2001 11:56:53 -0000

David Dunham wrote

>>There are some indications (can't remember where) that EWF buildings
>>are weird & draconic(?)
>See <http://a-sharp.com/kodp/gallery.html>, the EWF illo is one we
>developed pretty closely with Greg Stafford.

Briliant. I'd completely forgotten that one. But then my KoDP clan hates Dragons of any persuasion Well apart from the Thunderbeasts which are OBVIOUSLY a gift from the Earthmother to crush our enemies underfoot (literaly)

I suspect such flexible pragmatisim is what got the Orlanthi mixed up with Dragonkind in the 1st place.

>>How widly spread would EWF culture be? (thus where would remains be)
>The EWF was a true empire, i.e. a collection of other cultures, with
>a veneer of the empire. A lot of the empire was pretty Orlanthi to
>begin with, and thus pretty similar to the imperial culture (which
>was IMO Draconic Heortling).

But reguarding thon picture did Greg reguard it as a scene from

A. The EWF capitol
B. Any big EWF city
C. A tribal center
D. could be from any clan village

ok I suspect not D. but would guess at least B/C. with significant structures scattered around tribal lands depending on how thick the veneer.
The buildings in view look to be well in advance of what the Heortlings normaly build (ignoring Sartars Walls/Roads etc)

Were these built.

A. By dragonnewts alone.
B. Under newt guidence.
C. "We had some pointers at first but we've got the hang of it now &

    they don't fall down anymore!"
D. "Have you see Joe Stickpickers fine new swirly Tower in the latest

    blue crested waltsing style?"
E. "Actzualy itsss juzt a mud hut but onesss ve splitz zer brainsss in

    two zey sssee anyzing ve want zem to. Hzzz Hzzzs Hzzz."


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